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Mobile Surveillance

Power On The Move

Where you need it and when you need it, Eye in the Sky offers premier mobile surveillance solutions for your business or organization. Our modular designs provide reliable rapid deployment, and control features that keep you informed and your hardware operating. We utilize smart combinations of security technologies and reliable power configurations so you can focus on your priority tasks and not worry about maintaining your systems.

Smarter Solutions

We design creative surveillance solutions for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment. Every product has been developed with ease of use, practicality, and the highest quality at the lowest costs on the market today. Whether you need surveillance at a location for a day or a year,?our mobile power solutions will work for you.

Rugged construction, smart energy management, and innovative modular design allows you to spend less on implementation and upkeep from day one. We help you configure a system tailored to your needs, and all of our base packages come with the functions and capabilities desired most by today?s mobile power application users.



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