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Interactive Systems


Intelligent, Collaborative & Interactive Display

This presentation is shared and annotated using local mobile devices and computers

Collaborate with Whiteboard Sharing
  • Content can be shared and simultaneously annotated on by local and remote participants using mobile devices, computers and other BrightLink Pro projectors
  • Write, share and collaborate in real time from multiple devices
Turns Any Flat Surface Interactive
  • Transform traditional dry erase whiteboards, plain walls and even tables
  • Works like your dry erase board; just pick up the digital pen, and start writing
Easy to Use
  • No computer, software or training required, so you can operate with ease
  • Choose different colors, pen sizes; insert shapes and templates
Capture & Distribute Notes Instantly
  • Email, print or save your notes to a USB drive, directly from BrightLink Pro
  • No need to erase when you are out of space, just add a page up to 50 pages
  • Eliminate having to transcribe notes or take photos of the board