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CATV Systems


Video / RF distribution is all about getting a strong clear signal, of all channels (regardless of the source), to all video destinations within the system. This involves three general functions: Gathering, and in some cases creating, the signals in one area; Combining, conditioning, and amplifying the signals; And distributing the signals to their destinations.

There are four key pieces to any video distribution system: coaxial cables, which serve as a conduit for the RF signals and allow interconnecting the other key pieces; RF Amplifiers that “boost” the RF signals to make up for the signal losses the other pieces impose; Combiners which “add” two or more cables together to create a single output that contains all channels from both input cables; And splitters that take a single input cable and distribute the same signal to two or more output cables.


ZeeVee’s video distribution technology commands attention by leveraging a single digital infrastructure to effortlessly integrate with analog or digital sources, both standard and high definition signals as well as the Emergency Alert Standard (EAS). Make a crystal clear impression on everyone in your space by delivering high definition throughout your facility on every TV. ZeeVee’s video distribution technology is easy to set up and compatible with existing coaxial cables. Efficient, versatile and affordable one reliable solution for all of your video distribution needs from ZeeVee.